Linux Today Quick Takes

News items of casual interest…

…from around the web:

  • Marc pointed us to
    Warbline, an open source web
    sites’ directory where it is easy to find information and good
    links but, also, where you can discover new open source in a lot of
    domains : internet, networking, programming, etc…
  • Ext2 seeks staff writer for scripting section. Rob Kennedy says, “We’re looking for
    someone to write 2 articles/month for the scripting section of
    Ext2.org. They must be high quality
    articles, and there must be 2 per month 🙂 Email me for details on
    this, using the subject line ‘[Ext2 Scripting]'”

Foreign (Not U.S.):

  • Haisam K. Ido pointed us in
    the direction of the Arab Hackers
    . Shrug.
  • Rajiv wanted us to
    mention BaratBhasha.org:
    Indian Languages for Linux. Indian Languages capability for Linux
    may be had in the following languages: Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati,
    Gurmukhi and Bangla.
  • IBM, OS/2 and Open Source (In Spanish). Francisco Burzi (of NCC) wrote in about a feature
    on the NCC news site that talks about a proposal to IBM
    to release the source code for OS/2 Warp. The article explains why
    this option is viable, and what kind of response they might see
    from developers if they did this.
  • Rildo Pragana says: “The
    University of Pernambuco is presenting it’s 2nd. university week,
    featuring panels, meetings, seminars. We will have also a new Linux
    InstallFest for 2 days and a short Linux presentation (by myself).
    Please check it at 2a. Semana
    (in portuguese).

Fun Stuff:

  • CodeZ pointed us to
    iPic – A
    Match Head Sized Web-Server
    . Not really any Linux content here,
    but amusing nonetheless.
  • Linux MusicStations
    Anonymous writes: “What is
    MusicStation? It’s a place for Linux music news and software info,
    tips, opinions and anything else that comes to mind – maybe even a
    Linux music distribution. Anyways, please send us news, your tips,
    opinions, setups. Also an
    with Dev Mazumdar of 4Front Technologies, a
    commercial supplier of Linux/Unix sound drivers to companies and
    individuals. The driver set is quite easy to install on Linux and
    enables features such as full-duplex use of your soundcard (which
    you won’t get with the OSSfree drivers)”
  • Art Cancro
    says, “This is perhaps kind of tasteless, but it’s too funny for
    any Linux fan to pass up. KIM Special Agent (requires
    Macromedia Flash player).” As I don’t have MacroMedia in my
    browser, I have no idea what this is.


  • Ajay Shah writes:

    I’d like to draw your attention to

    “The Linux Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux”
    by James G. MacKinnon
    Journal of Applied Econometrics
    volume 14, page 443-452, 1999.

    It’s very nicely written, and explains the strengths and
    weaknesses of using Linux in doing Econometrics. MacKinnon is a
    well respected top scholar.

  • SSL
    means bad news
    for Linux, according to Glenn
  • Business 2.0 Linux poll Randy pointed us to a poll on
    the homepage of Business

    The right frame of their home page has poll asking the reason
    for Linux’s “continuing popularity.” The results look fairly
    positive so far.

  • FrankenLinux lives, according to a Network World
    Fusion article
    . Art Smith
    notes that ZD Net has also used the name FrankenLinux. He suspects
    the name will become a generic label for what I call “Dumpster
    PCs”, 486s and old Pentiums that are too obselete for the
  • Donald A. Sime mentioned that the August 25th Robert Bennin
    IPO Edge Report
    contained an entry for Red Hat Software. “…And while Red Hat only
    places 9th with around a 300% first day return, it does rank first
    on another very important all-star list … only issue that was
    able to fight market gravity … Red Hat was not only the number
    one all time performer, but with a 500+% return it couldn’t even be
    seen by its closest competitor.”

    diva writes: “In
    a follow-up to my Diva Review: On Bill, His Mini-Me’s and the Linux
    Alternative, I interview Gary
    , author of The Plot to Get Bill Gates, and ask him his
    thoughts on the Linux community…”


  • Essbase on Linux Rich was excited to show us
    a press
    about Essbase. Rich wrote: “Probably not a big deal to
    most people, but as an Essbase developer I was thrilled to hear
    that they’re finally going to port to Linux (towards the bottom of
    the article).”