Linux World: The Penguin Brief: The Penguin Grief

Peeve number one: can anyone possibly find me a more
unstable program than Netscape’s browser for Linux? And I mean
Communicator 4.61, not a prior version — Communicator hasn’t
always been this bad.
Ironically, it was far more stable back
when Netscape considered Navigator an unsupported product. It
seemed to go off the deep end just about the same time that Linux
surged in popularity. If I were among the top brass at Netscape,
I’d drop everything and sift through my development team to look
for the Microsoft mole…”

“Peeve number two: What is this love affair people have with
POP3 mail? Why is it that most email clients are optimized for POP3
and include only marginal (and usually very buggy) support for

“Read my lips: When you use POP3, in most situations you end up
archiving messages in folders that reside on your client. When you
use IMAP4, you store your messages in folders that reside on the
server. In other words, IMAP4 is a better way to do email, simply
because it allows you to search through your folders no matter
where you are when you access your email. (Yes, I know there are
ways to do this using POP3, but IMAP4 really is the most elegant
solution in most cases.)”

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