LinuxDevices: Open Palmtop Environment for Linux Gains SDK, IDE

“The Open Palmtop Integrated Environment (Opie) project to
develop a free graphical application environment for Linux
handhelds and webpads has released a software develpment kit (SDK)
based on the KDevelop3 open source IDE. The Opie SDK provides tools
for developing open, professional-class applications for Linux
based mobile and embedded devices running under the Opie platform,
according to Opie hacker Oliver ‘Groucho’ Fels.

“Opie is a fork of Trolltech’s Qtopia, a palmtop application
stack popularized by Sharp’s Zaurus line and other PDAs and
handhelds. Opie features a sophisticated personal information (PIM)
framework as well as several other productivity apps, extended
multimedia capabilities and document model, networking and
communication tools, and support for more than a dozen


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