LinuxFocus: Tux’s secret obsession – Gaming under Linux

This is a short overview of the gaming scene under Linux.
It tries to show that there is more to the Tux OS than simply
Internet or data processing. Today there is a lot to discover about
Linux and games.

“We all know Tux, the cute little Linux penguin, as a hard
working member of the Internet community. A lot of web sites, data
bases, ISPs and more are carried on his shoulders. Programs like
apache, sendmail, mySQL,…, running under Linux, prove every day
that this operating system is reliable, fast and efficient.
Recently Tux started to make his way to the desktops.KDE, GNOME or
GIMP are examples of productivity software, the normal user needs
to fulfill his daily duties. They finally provide features like
attractive graphical interfaces most people have missed in the
past. And now there is another aspect of Linux that is getting
recognized gradually by users, the press and companies: games.”

“This article tries to give a short introduction to this aspect
of Linux. At the end of it you will find a list of references you
should check out for more detailed information about the games and
programs mentioned here. Also, it is intended to start a new
category at LinuxFocus, dealing with gaming aspects. Thus we need
you readers to write reviews about games. If you tried out some
games or are already an addicted player, please share your
experiences and thoughts with others and write an article.”

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