LinuxMall.com: SGI Welcomes Open Source With Open Arms

[ Thanks to LinuxNews.com for this link.

“In a talk at Colorado Linux Info Quest (CLIQ) on April 1, Kevin
Gorey, director of product marketing at Silicon Graphics, Inc.
(SGI), stressed the company’s investment in Linux and Open Source
development and described ways in which their cooperative effort
could be beneficial to all involved.”

“Older SGI applications are becoming available to Linux users as
well. IRIX, SGI’s 15-year-old mature operating system (OS),
provides powerful real-time data center resource management. SGI
has been porting over existing IRIX applications as improvements to

“Anticipating the release of Itanium’s IA-64 this fall,
Gorey views this as the perfect hardware vehicle for Linux and
prompted the developers listening to the conference to jump on this
Open Source can be directed, he postulated, and
could move application development for the IA-64 along rapidly.
Gorey sees a guided, directed Open Source community as an enormous
opportunity for innovation and growth.”