LinuxNews.com: Familiar Music Sounds GNU With LilyPond

[ Thanks to mhead for this link. ]

Educators and statisticians generally agree that musical
prowess and scientific aptitude are related by the language of
mathematics, often complementing each other’s development.

Programmers and users can put that theory to the test with a free
software project that translates music written in the American
Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) to sheet music,
joining the two worlds.”

“LilyPond is a music typesetter that produces sheet music using
input from a high level description file, the project’s Web site
explains. “It excels at typesetting classical music, but you can
also print pop songs,” the site introduction continues. “With
LilyPond we hope to make music publication software available to
anyone on the Internet.”

“However, since LilyPond is a GNU project, it can be downloaded
freely. Stable releases of the typesetter software are available at
the LilyPond project’s GNU site.”