LinuxPapers: An interview with Ettore Perazzoli [GNOME developer]

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“What’s your job right now? What do you do for a “living”? Tell
us something about yourself!”

“I currently have a job as a full-time GNOME developer for the
company Miguel de Icaza has just created, together with Nat
Friedman. Miguel is the person who started the GNOME Project, and
is also the main author of GNU Midnight Commander, Gnumeric (the
GNOME spreadsheet), and other cool GNOME stuff.”

“I am very excited about this new company, as it is a free
software company in the true sense of the word: all the software
we’ll make will be released under the GNU GPL or the GNU LGPL.”

“When did you get in touch with the people at Gnome?”

I had some ideas for gnome-libs, so I just wrote the code
and contributed it to the project. The GNOME team liked it, so I
was given CVS access to put the code into gnome-libs.
very easy to join the project if you are willing to dedicate your
time to it. Just come up with some good idea, and do it. :-)”

“Did you participate in the Gnome project in its early

“I followed the initial period of GNOME development mostly as an
outsider, lurking on the mailing lists. The GNOME Project started
in 1997, but my first contribution came at the end of 1998. Before
becoming a GNOMEr I was very busy maintaining VICE, a funny
cross-platform Commodore 64/128/VIC20/PET/CBM-II emulator, which is
of course released under the GNU GPL. I still do some VICE work,
but GNOME is my main interest now.”