LinuxPlanet: Crusoe: Transmeta Comes Out of the Closet

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“The Crusoe processors’ key advantage, as described by
Transmeta, is their ability to run standard programs while
consuming a fraction of the power of a conventional microprocessor.
Transmeta’s LongRun technology, which slows the processor to save
power when it’s not active, is strikingly similar to the SpeedStep
technology in Intel’s latest crop of mobile Pentiums. But since
Crusoe draws very little power from the get-go, slowing the CPU
allows it to run even longer before a recharge is required….”

Many Linux fans speculated that, because Transmeta had
hired Linus Torvalds, Transmeta’s products would be specifically
oriented toward Linux. But this doesn’t seem to be so.
the Crusoe chips run Linux, and the company will be offering a
version of Linux which they call Mobile Linux (a version of Linux
that can run from ROM and does not require a hard drive), the chips
were shown running many operating systems, including Windows.
(During the presentation, Dave Taylor, formerly of id Software,
defeated Linus Torvalds in a networked game of Quake between two
Crusoe systems. Taylor played on Windows, while Torvalds used