LinuxPlanet: DistributionWatch Review of Corel Linux

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“Even before it was officially released, Corel Linux was the
talk of the Linux world as being the harbinger of tomorrow’s Linux,
a blueprint for how Linux could complete against the likes of
Windows and the Macintosh-talk that came directly from Corel
officials themselves in a marketing push. And, as if to prove their
confidence in Linux, Corel officials took to the media and declared
that they were basically betting the company’s future on

“So, with that heavy weight on our shoulders-we like Canada and
would hate to see any Canadians unemployed as the result of a
poorly researched review of Corel Linux-we embarked on an
evaluation using the same criteria applied to our previous
DistributionWatch review of Red Hat Linux. Namely, how well
does Corel Linux stack up against Windows and other Linux
distributions when it comes to installation, configuration and
usability? And how well does Corel’s Windows workalike strategy
play in the real world?

“Rather well, as it ends up: better than any Linux to date,
including Red Hat Linux. Newcomers who have little or no exposure
to Linux will find this a user-friendly and usable operating system
that can serve the needs of most mainstream computer users.
Experienced Linux users will marvel at how well Linux can be
positioned for the mass market, both in terms of installation and
in terms of everyday usability. And while there are many little
things that we find disturbing in Corel Linux (particularly for
users of older PCs), on the whole it’s a major advance in the
positioning of Linux as a mainstream operating system.”