LinuxPlanet: Editor’s Note: It’s Raining Hardware in Portland

“The intersection of Linux and high end computing got a lift
yesterday with an announcement that offers a pleasant splash of
substance to end a month that had its share of convention-inspired
hoopla and an inordinate amount of fascination with GUI’s.”

…Linux, grassroots phenomenon that it is, has long
suffered from the snubs of high-end aficionados, who have rightly
pointed out that enterprise computing is a tough nut to crack for
anybody, let alone an OS that has thrived primarily in areas of
computing where the hardware involved is cheap and

“While most of us have known and argued that, given access to
big iron, the Linux developer community would find a way to
continue the march to world domination, the general unavailability
of the titanic engines that drive enterprise computing has made the
proposition of Linux vaulting into the most rarefied air of the
high end unlikely.”