LinuxPlanet: Future Linux Game Evaluation — 2000

“The time-frame is the future, where high tech robots rule the
land. You are part of the Grede-eye, a band of cyber-robot troopers
that rule the high tech landscape, decimating any rival life-forms
that dare cross into your turf. Outfitted with what seems like an
enormous war-chest of ammo, an array of weapons that would make a
Quake player envious, and hoards of minions, you must protect the
turf of your overload and chief supplier of energy, the

“The enemy, a nebulous band of rouge system crackers and mutant
children that can’t spell, is constantly assailing your ground with
puny looking little robots. The objective is to win (of course) the
landscape by firing your weapons at the little critters (literally,
millions of them) while watching your supply of energy and
protecting the enormous My-Crow-Soft fortress….”

“While this part is not all that boring, it is a bit depressing.
I kept wishing I could be on the other side of the equation, as it
was clearly a losing battle no matter how I sliced it. I can’t
recommend this game at all, as the poor game-play and no-win
situation make for a pathetic gaming experience. Even still, I’ll
bet that with all the glossy promotion going on for the product,
this will be a popular seller this season. However, I’d also be
willing to bet that next year after the word gets out as to how bad
this game is, it’ll be sitting on the discount racks like old
copies of Windows 3.1.”


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