LinuxPlanet: Losing a Battle, Winning the War

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“The failure of Wall Street to reward a solid business plan can
be seen in Linuxcare’s announcement to delay its impending IPO,
which originally was expected to premiere sometime this month. Out
of the many Linux companies that are considering an IPO, Linuxcare
seemed to have the most solid business plan, operating as a neutral
Switzerland of sorts in supporting all Linux distributions under
corporate service plans.”

“Ironically, the setback comes at a time when Open Source is
growing rapidly in popularity in the corporate world. On the same
day Linuxcare announced the shelving of its IPO, Intel announced
that it was leaping into the Open Source world with the release of
its advanced security software for Linux, offered under an Open
Source contract. The software will also be released free of charge.
What does Intel have to gain from this move? To become the
authority on security (which is the cornerstone of e-commerce) and
to sell more servers. Intel doesn?t really care whether the servers
run Windows or Linux or Solaris; however, given the open nature of
Linux and Open Source, Intel can make a greater impact determining
the direction of Linux and Open Source.”

“So it looks like we’ve lost a battle with the delayed IPO
of Linuxcare–but we’re winning the war as another major player in
the computing community makes a tangible contribution to the Open
Source world.”