LinuxPlanet: Omnis Studio: Bringing Database Application Development to Linux

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“We like how Omnis Software’s Omnis Studio brings multiplatform,
database application development and delivery to Linux. Omnis has a
long track record on Windows and Macintosh with its rapid
application deployment (RAD) tools. Omnis provides matching
development and delivery tools on all platforms and applications
created on one platform can run on the others assuming
platform-specific features are not used.”

“Omnis Studio can be used to develop stand-alone or multiuser
database applications as well as web-based applications. The latter
is handled through the Omnis Web Client that supports Netscape
Navigator and Internet Explorer. The Client provides a secure
channel back to the Omnis Server. Of course, we tested the whole
system using Linux….”

“Omnis Studio’s programming environment is purely event driven.
This has an interesting impact when it comes to development. As
with most graphical integrated development environments (IDE),
Omnis has a design mode and a run-time mode. The big difference
is that because of the event-driven nature, it is possible to start
running code associated with an object at any point. This is rather
difficult or impossible to do with other IDEs.