LinuxPlanet: The StartX Files: Between the Sheets With NExS

“Interoperability is okay, though nothing very
exciting. You can import delimited text files and directly open
Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel spreadsheet files. You can also save to these
binary formats and export to text, HTML, and LaTeX formats. Running
my standard cross-format tests, I found that formulas and values
came across fine, but no formatting at all was present–everything
just reverted to the standard format for NExS.

Clearly, NExS is not something you would throw out to the
general user population at your organization. For the average user,
NExS is cumbersome and not easy to use at all.

Is NExS really the right application for the average user?
Absolutely not. If it was trying to market to this audience, I
would be pulling out all sorts of epithets to hurl at it and its
makers at GreyTrout. But that is clearly not what NeXS is to be
used for. It is aimed straight at the programmers who want a stable
spreadsheet platform in Linux through which they can channel data
in neatly packaged ways.”


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