LinuxPlanet: VMware 2.0: Virtually Magnificent

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“VMware’s virtual machine provides Linux users with the chance
to not just run software from such operating systems as the
Microsoft Windows family, FreeBSD, or MSDOS, but to run the
operating systems themselves almost seamlessly within a window on
an X Window desktop. The traditional price of access to a second or
third operating system, repartitioning, or fussing with a
bootloader, is removed, too. VMware gives users access to a second
or third OS without requiring a single reboot or nerve-wracking
visit to fdisk.”

“Version 2.0 of this outstanding product is a real improvement
on an already quality piece of software. The upgrade is worth it to
existing users, and those who passed on its last release over
performance issues may want to reconsider. Those who may have
overlooked VMware on the premise that it was an underfeatured
novelty should reconsider, too. Several new features enhance its
use in professional environments.”

“Despite our enthusiasm, though, VMware still isn’t the ideal
solution for everybody, and it has limitations. Gamers, BeOS
enthusiasts, and OS/2 revivalists in particular are in for some