LinuxPower: GNOME triumphant, now lets rally to give users a real choice

“The people supporting the losing side are, of course, not happy
with the recent announcements in support of GNOME, but the fact
remains that Linux needs a standard development platform also on
the desktop level. People who are supportive of the LSB and in the
same breath advocate having two competing development platforms are
hypocrites. If Caldera CEO Ransom Love is serious about his
campaign for common standards in the Linux world I expect to see
him announce Caldera’s support for GNOME in the near future; if not
he loses all credibility on the issue.”

“…the development platform has nothing to do with user
For instance there are two desktops available today
that utilizes the GNOME development platform, but which offer two
distinctly different user experiences. The desktops I am referring
to are XFce and the default GNOME desktop. Although using mostly
its own infrastructure you can also count Enlightenment in this
category, since it relies on GNOME to supply an infrastructure for
advanced application development. These three desktops offer a very
wide range of user experience and yet all rely on the same
infrastructure for application development. This gives users a real
choice without sacrificing application interoperability and

“If the KDE camp wants to stay relevant in the future they
better get their act together and start modifying their development
environment to conform to and integrate with the standards that
GNOME now are setting.
Since they rely on a 3rd party toolkit,
this might be harder for them than for others, but if they don’t,
they better start preparing for a life lurking in the dark together
with CDE.”