LinuxPR: Additions Announced For LinuxFest 2000 in Kansas City

Vovida Networks will be major anchor for LinuxFest
Telephony solutions.

“Vovida Networks, a Linux-based softswitch company, the global
pioneer of open source telephony, and the first company to release
a full suit of royalty free, open source VoIP protocols, has agreed
to participate in LinuxFest 2000, which will be held June 20
through 24, 2000 in Overland Park, Kansas (Suburban Kansas City).
The LinuxFest trade show will be held at the Overland Park
International Trade Center and feature over 60,000 square feet of
trade show display space and a four day seminar track.”

“Vovida will be demonstrating it’s softswitch solution, designed
to support the needs of next-generation carrier and Internet
Service Providers. Vovida’s softswitch software allows Competitive
Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Inter Exchange Carriers (IXCs) and
Integrated Service Providers ISPs) to provide competitively priced
local telephony services to their enterprise and residential
customers over converged datacom and telecom networks. It also
allows carriers and service providers to selectively bundle
advanced telephony features, applications and services to
competitively differentiate their product offerings to end