LinuxPR: Aladdin Systems Inc. Announces Aladdin Expander For Linux Public Beta

“Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly Owned subsidiary of Aladdin
Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC NQB: ALHI) And leading developer of the
StuffItTM compression format, today Commenced a public
beta test of its Aladdin ExpanderTM, a free Expansion
access utility for Red Hat Linux. By creating a pre-release Online
version of the decompression software, Aladdin opens the door For
more widespread testing results, helping to ensure the integrity Of
the application to provide a solid solution for Linux

“Aladdin created the Linux version of its popular Aladdin
Expander Decompression access utility to give Linux users access to
a wide Variety of online formats. Aladdin Expander for Linux is a
command Line utility that offers expansion of the top compression
and Encoding formats common to Unix, Windows and Macintosh OS,
including StuffIt (.sit), ZIP (.zip), ARC (.arc), gzip (gz), Unix
Compress (.Z), Uuencode (.uu), BinHex (.hqx), Arj (.arj), MacBinary
(.bin), and MINE (.mime, .mme). Aladdin Expander for Linux supports
expansion of archives from all versions of StuffIt with the
exception of version 1.5.1 encrypted archives and version 2.0
archives that were created using optimizers.”

“Aladdin Expander for the Linux OS gives Unix/Linux users an
easy way to expand compressed files downloaded from online services
or received as email attachments.
Aladdin Expander has
millions of users Worldwide on the Macintosh and Windows