LinuxPR: Allaire Selects MERANT to Deliver Data Access and Integration For Linux

MERANT Empowers Allaire ColdFusion Developers with Scalable
Data Access to Industry-Leading Databases.

“Leveraging the MERANT EgilityTM solution to provide
market-leading data access and integration for critical e-business
and Web applications, MERANT…today announced a strategic
agreement with Allaire Corporation…the industry’s leading
independent e-business platform vendor. Under the terms of the
agreement, Allaire will integrate MERANT’s DataDirect®
technology with the new Linux versions of ColdFusion, empowering
Allaire customers with secure high-availability data access and
integration across Linux-based Web applications.”

“ColdFusion, an award-winning cross-platform Web application
server, has enabled more than 3,500 companies worldwide to create a
variety of transaction-intensive Web solutions on intranets and
public Internet sites, including e-commerce, content management,
business automation, and more. MERANT enhances the ColdFusion
development environment, providing scalable transaction-based
connectivity between ColdFusion applications residing on Linux and
industry-leading databases including MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL
Server, Informix and Sybase.”