LinuxPR: Andover.net Announces Joint Development Program with MySQL Publishers

“Andover.Net to Provide Financial Assistance, Source Code
and Technical Expertise for Development of MySQL Database
Replication Capabilities.”

“Andover.Net (NASDAQ: ANDN), the Internet’s leading Linux
destination, and T.C.X DataKonsult AB of Stockholm, Sweden,
publisher of the popular MySQL relational database, today announced
a joint development program to implement database replication in
MySQL. As part of this program, Andover.Net will provide financial
assistance, source code and technical expertise to the MySQL
development team. This relationship with MySQL is part of
Andover.Net’s ongoing effort to sponsor projects of importance to
the Linux community. In true Andover.Net form, this important
enhancement to MySQL will be made available to all users of the

“The Linux version of MySQL is part of the core technology used
by all of our websites,” said Bruce Twickler, president and CEO of
Andover.Net. “As our network continues to grow, the ability to
provide mirrored copies of our sites around the world has become
essential. Instead of developing replication features internally,
we felt that cooperating with MySQL would lead to a better solution
in less time, and would allow all users of the product to benefit
from this enhancement.”

“Database Replication allows geographically distributed copies
of a database to be synchronized in real-time across a standard
TCP/IP Internet connection. This is an essential ingredient in
building a load balanced, fault tolerant network. Websites based on
this type of database can be served from multiple locations,
providing faster and more reliable service.”

“MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL (Structured
Query Language) database server…”