LinuxPR: Andover.net Brings Geek Pride To Boston

Geeks Unite to Enjoy Weekend of Music, Culture, Technology
and All-Out Geekiness.

“Break out your fanciest pocket protector and re-tape the bridge
on those eyeglasses–the Geeks are coming to town! Today,
Andover.Net, the Internet’s leading Linux destination, announced
that it will sponsor the first-of-its-kind Geek Pride Festival
being held in Boston from March 31 through April 1. The Festival,
presented by Andover.Net in association with Switchouse, the
leading online trading community for swapping consumer goods, is
designed to incorporate all aspects of a typical Geek’s
life–music, culture, games and technology–into two fun-filled
days in Boston, the birthplace of the Technology Revolution.”

“Everyone is invited to take advantage of this uniquely Geeky
gathering. This year’s Festival promises free concerts, Quake and
trivia tournaments, food, drinks and limitless networking
opportunities. Hard-core Geeks can also take a break from the
festivities to attend lectures by uber-Geeks including Rob Malda,
founder of Slashdot , the “News for Nerds: Stuff that Matters”
Website; Alex Pentland, academic head of MIT’s Media Lab;
Christopher Locke and David Weinberger, authors of ClueTrain
Manifesto; and Eric S. Raymond, author of the Linux bible, The
Cathedral and the Bazaar.”