LinuxPR: Arlington, Virginia high school awards OpenClassroom(tm) first contract

“OpenClassroom(tm), creators of the first free, easy to install
and use, Open Source software package for the educational market,
today announced the signing of the first support contract for the
OpenClassroom(tm) distribution with Yorktown High School, a member
of the Arlington Public Schools system in Arlington, Virginia.”

“‘OpenClassroom(tm) can help schools, like Yorktown High School,
to focus on education, and not on the complexity behind the
software needed to get their jobs done,’ said Jose C. Lacal,
OpenClassroom(tm)’s Chief Vision Officer. ‘GNU/Linux has brought
freedom and power of choice to programmers and companies worldwide.
OpenClassroom(tm) wants to bring that same power of choice to
educational institutions. Through a simple package, with clear,
concise manuals, and with various support options available,”
concluded Jose.'”

“‘What I needed was somewhere to go (by email and phone) to get
help configuring the system so that my students will be able to use
it to exchange information with their teachers,’ said Jeffrey
Elkner, a Computer Science Instructor at Yorktown High School. ‘I
am very excited about working with OpenClassroom. It is my hope
that this will be only the beginning of a long and fruitful
relationship between OpenClassroom and Arlington Public Schools,’
concluded Mr. Elkner.”

“‘This agreement will further extend OpenClassroom’s lead in
the educational software industry,'” said Brendon Grunewald,
OpenClassroom(tm)’s Chief Rainmaker.”

OpenClassroom(tm) is a high-tech start-up (based in Miami,
Florida and Munich, Germany) that brings the power of Open Source
software to the educational arena.”