LinuxPR: Canux! Brings Linux Power Protection to Canadians

“Canux! now carries Powerware UPSs. Lazarus Engineering
Corporation is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
the complete range of Powerware UPSs on their Linux product web
site. Canadians now have a cost-effective high quality UPS solution
available to them with complete Linux support.”

“‘Linux systems benefit greatly from power protection.’ said
Steve Cockwell president and chief executive officer of Lazarus.
‘Linux users are power users — at least at this stage of the game.
Most of them have put countless hours of work into their systems,
and many of them are using Linux for important services that
require high availability. Powerware is the right choice – their
Linux software is excellent, they have 24/7 telephone support, an
amazing warranty, and a great product. We are really pleased to
offer these products to Canadians on our site.'”

“Despite Linux’ high-profile role in enterprise systems, UPS
hardware support has been spotty. Drivers have typically been
written by third party developers with an emphasis on basic
functionality and not ease-of-use. Every Powerware UPS sold at
Canux comes with the necessary cable and software for the proper
management and monitoring of your computer’s power.”