LinuxPR: CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver Office 1.3.1

CodeWeavers, Inc., has announced that it has released version
1.3.1 of the CrossOver Office product. CrossOver Office enables
Linux users to run popular Windows applications, including
Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Intuit Quicken, and many more,
dependably in the Linux environment.

“CodeWeavers’ CrossOver Office demonstrates our continuing
devotion to creating a robust core of supported applications,” said
Jeremy White, founder and chief executive officer of CodeWeavers,
Inc. “Not only that, but by continuing to refine Wine’s ability to
run important Windows productivity applications, we lay the
groundwork for dramatically expanding that core in the future.
Improving Wine in these specific areas makes everybody’s boat float
a little higher. Look for continued, dramatic enhancements,
including support for OfficeXP and Microsoft Access database
applications in the near future.”

New features/fixes in 1.3.1 include:

  • Warns user if they are about to run an executable attachment
    from the /tmp directory. This protects users against viruses such
    as KLEZ.
  • Numerous fixes to Microsoft Visio to increase stability and
  • Fixed Visio screen and printer fonts
  • In Quicken, entering data in the Memo field no longer
    inappropriately clears the Category field
  • Fixed clipboard causing file corruption errors in Word
  • Fixed problems saving Word files in Office 97
  • Prevents DLL overwrite problems
  • Enabled multiple simultaneous “File->Open” in Word and other
  • Fixed ability to open a file in “File->Open” dialog by
    double-clicking on the filename
  • Added copy & paste support for images
  • Fixed problem where Galeon froze Word
  • Fixed bugs related to installations needing the CD. For
    example, you can now add the Analysis toolpack in Excel.
  • Enabled long filename saves in Quicken
  • Fixed “Insert->Object” in Excel
  • Enhanced stability of Outlook contact manager
  • Enabled customization of IE 5.5 button bar
  • Enabled WordArt printing
  • Outlook no longer crashes when viewing or printing an HTML
  • CrossOver is now compatible with FreeType 2.0.x and 2.1.x,
    which helps if not using the internal FreeType library.
  • Better handling of Mime types and descriptions.
  • Fix bugs involving paths with spaces.
  • Major improvements in time zone handling
  • Improving support for international versions of MS Office:
    Includes specific fixes for Greek, Brazillian, Bulgarian, and
    several more.
  • Includes a fix to allow the use of Unicode file names.
  • Enable the Office 2000 Service Pack, Release 1, to install
  • Allows the user to change the location of the “My Documents”
    directory, set default to the home directory.

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