LinuxPR: CoolKeyboards Corporation announces new keyboard software.

Today, CoolKeyboards Corporation announces the forthcoming
release of their new “CoolKeyboards Keyboard Manager(TM)”

“Keith Levey, President and CEO of CoolKeyboards Corporation
tells us, “The program is definitely a first for Linux. Sure,
there’s already a way to map your keyboard for DVORAK built right
into Linux, and yeah, you can also map your CTRL and CAPS keys too,
but to put these features together into one easy to use program AND
add the ability to map the “Tux” and “Linux” keys is definitely a

“Lisa Syken, CoolKeyboards CFO tells us, “We’ve listened to
every request that has come in to us, and we’re doing our best to
meet the needs of our customers, The Linux Community. We have so
many great things planned for the future, the Linux Community
really keeps us on our toes with new ideas / improvements. We
decided to have a private beta test for our new software. Once the
software meets with our approval, the software will initially be
shipped only with the keyboards. As soon as we have made absolutely
sure that the software is completely documented, we will be
releasing the program in an Open Source format.”