LinuxPR: DSY Inc. Announces Linux Software Distribution via CDROM Subscriptions

DSY Inc, a privately held company, has announced the launch
of GetTux.com…as the home of their initiative to provide Linux
users with monthly subscriptions to Linux software of all

“The site is home to several monthly CDROM subscriptions that
provide users with the ability to have a series of Linux software
delivered to their door, thus saving many hours that were
previously wasted in the download cycle. In addition to being
convenient, the subscriptions are also cost effective, with a
maximum subscription rate of only $15 per month.”

“DSY Inc. has also provided a customized, searchable mirror of
the Linux Documentation Project on it’s web site, www.GetTux.com,
in an effort to assist the Linux community in achieving its goals
of providing users with the best documentation available.”