LinuxPR: Jungo Releases WinDriver Version 4.32 – A Device Driver development Tool

WinDriver for Linux is a device driver development toolkit,
which enables you to develop Linux device drivers for PCI / ISA /
ISAPnP and EISA hardware without having to be familiar with the
Linux kernel.

“WinDriver is based on a generic device driver which resides in
the Linux kernel. Your application calls WinDriver kernel module
through a user mode API, thereby eliminating the need to learn and
understand the Linux internals.”

“WinDriver for Linux features performance enhancement tools
enabling you to move parts of your code to the Kernel level, thus
eliminate unnecessary context switches between the kernel module
and your application. This unique feature of WinDriver enables you
to write and debug your hardware access code in the user level and
later “move” performance critical parts of it (interrupt handling,
I/O access…) to the kernel level, without rewriting. This feature
is supported in all operating system versions of WinDriver,
enabling you to move your kernel level code between operating
systems “as is”. No rewriting needed.”


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