LinuxPR: KDE and KOffice to get Visio style application

“theKompany.com, a leading producer of Linux developer software
including the second-tier distribution PowerPlant, is pleased to
announce that it has committed direct support and sponsorship for
enhancing and improving the Queesio project.”

“The Queesio project was intended as a Visio type application
for KDE, the author, Dave Marotti was having trouble finding time
to finish the project, and we were looking at creating a Visio type
product,” said Shawn Gordon, president of theKompany.com. “Dave is
a great guy and very knowledgeable, so we were pleased to work with
him on the project. We are doing a major rewrite and converting
Queesio to KParts so it can inter operate with the other KOffice
applications, because of the extensive changes, the project has
been renamed to Kivio and will be hosted on our website. We are
pleased to offer our support and know-how to this important part of
ongoing Linux application development.”

“As a component of the KOffice project, Kivio will also take
advantage of the new Python (VeePee) scripting language technology
that is being developed by theKompany.com’s in-house developer and
creator of PyQt/PyKDE, Phil Thompson.”