LinuxPR: Lawson Software Joins Monterey Open Systems Initiative

“Lawson Software, the Enterprise behind the Internet, today
announced that it has joined Project Monterey, a UNIX operating
system (OS) initiative led by IBM, along with SCO, Intel, Compaq
and other industry leaders. Lawson also announced that it is
‘Monterey-ready,’ meeting the criteria to port its applications to
the Project Monterey UNIX operating system for Intel IA-64
(code-named Monterey/64).”

“Lawson is deploying the internal resources to port its
world-class line of enterprise e-business solutions and services to
the Monterey platform. Lawson’s e-business management system
includes enterprise solution suites for financials, human
resources, procurement, supply chain, analytics and relationship
management. Lawson solutions are engineered to help companies
achieve operational excellence by managing global business
performance in real-time via the Web, and combining process and
performance management into a single integrated system.”