LinuxPR: Linux Is #1 In ANTARCTICA

Framingham, MA – Antarctica IT, Inc. announces
the first consulting company in New England specializing in service
and support for the Linux operating system and related Open Source
software. “Linux is already in use in many organizations”, says
Scott Shaw, CEO of Antarctica IT, Inc. “Now IT managers are looking
for professional support. We are there to help these businesses
with on-site service and with the skills needed to develop
solutions on the Linux platform.”

Antarctica IT supports and develops solutions using software like
Apache, SAMBA, sendmail, Perl, C/C++, PHP, Oracle, IBM DB2, mySQL,
and Tcl/Tk. Service offerings include fixed price projects, support
contracts, and an hourly rate covered by a 100% Satisfaction

To learn more, call Antarctica IT at
1-877-DO-LINUX (1-877-365-4689) or visit the web
site at www.antarcticait.com.