LinuxPR: LinuxBox Joins with OpenAvenue to Create the Leading Portal for Open-Source Development Projects

OpenAvenue Inc., a privately held, WEB-based company located in
Scotts Valley, California, and LinuxBox, a leading hosting facility
for open-source projects, today announced that LinuxBox has joined
OpenAvenue. Under the terms of the agreement, LinuxBox becomes a
part of the OpenAvenue portal while still preserving its brand and
operational capabilities. In addition, the founders of LinuxBox are
joining the OpenAvenue corporate structure in charge of community
management for all Linux open-source projects.

We are confident that this will benefit the open-source
community since our site has always been highly supported by the
Linux community, but lacked commercial support to make it viable in
the long term,
” stated Chris Gann, founder of LinuxBox. “By
providing a world-class infrastructure for our site, such as the
one that OpenAvenue has deployed, we have made sure that
increasingly more software development projects can come to us
without worry. Moreover, OpenAvenue and LinuxBox share the belief
that software development projects conducted under open-source and
community-based licensing are creating a huge transformation in the
software industry, a transformation that needs to be supported
while it keeps gaining critical mass.”

“OpenAvenue hosts application development content provided by
individual and corporate content owners, and makes it available to
a world-wide community of software developers under open-source,
community-based and private licensing. As the projects hosted by
LinuxBox are incorporated into OpenAvenue and added to the hundreds
already in the process of being hosted, the portal becomes the most
comprehensive portal in hosting open-source and community based
software development projects.