LinuxPR: LinuxPPC announces CD-ROM giveaway and sales at Macworld Expo

In keeping with its time-honored, LinuxPPC is once again
giving out free LinuxPPC CD-ROMs at the upcoming Macworld Expo in
San Francisco.
Every day at 2:00 PM PST, show attendees will
have an opportunity to grab a free CD. These aren’t demos or
crippled CDs — they’re the full operating system, complete with
LinuxPPC’s powerful server and desktop software.”

“To get a CD, just show up. The giveaway starts at 2:00 and
lasts until all the free CD-ROMs have been handed out. LinuxPPC is
located in booth #2151. Make sure to come early, as the CDs tend to
go fast.”

“If you are unable to get a free CD, the company will also be
selling the LinuxPPC 1999 Final Update (Q4) CD-ROM for $5.00. The
Q4 CD-ROM contains the final updates to the lauded LinuxPPC 1999
series, featuring new boot software, updated Gnome packages, and
other core packages.”