LinuxPR: LinuxSolve Announces the Addition of Lou Gervais to its Management Team

Louis Gervais brings 30 years of software and hardware
management experience to young up-start, LinuxSolve.

“LinuxSolve, Inc., the leading developer of secure server
appliances for Internet infrastructure, announced today that it is
has hired Louis Gervais as the Company’s Vice President of Product
Development for its secure server appliance line of products.”

“Mr. Gervais will be responsible for LinuxSolve’s ongoing
development of its GuardWorks secure server appliance operating
system and the niche appliance builds based on the OS. Mr. Gervais
will also be responsible for LinuxSolve’s server appliance hardware
roadmap, optimizing platforms for performance, reliability,
scalability, and availability in conjunction with LinuxSolve’s
patent pending GuardWorks OS.”