LinuxPR: Lynx Announces a New Low Price for BlueCat Linux 1.0

“Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc., today announced a new low price
for the BlueCat Linux 1.0 Development Kit. The kit for Intel
Pentium and x86 Architecture, licensed for a single development
system, will sell for $299 US.”

“‘We believe that our aggressive price point and the
industry’s leading capabilities of Lynx’ LynuxWorks architecture
make BlueCat Linux a compelling choice for embedded
said Bill Hogan, president of Lynx. ‘We want
everyone contemplating the development of embedded Linux systems to
consider, evaluate and adopt BlueCat Linux as their development and
deployment platform.'”

“The package includes the BlueCat 1.0 development environment
and Linux open source, a BlueCat 1.0 Users Guide and 30-days
installation support.”