PRNewswire: New Launch of XteamLinux 3.0 International Version ‘Leaping from China to the World’

“Xteam Software (China) Ltd., the pioneer specialized Linux
manufacturer who successfully launched the first Chinese version of
the Linux operating system in China and is honored to have the
greatest potential to be “China Red Hat”, today announced the new
launch of XteamLinux 3.0 International Version. It also formulates
a strategy of “Leaping Forward from China to the World” in a bid to
enhance a better graphic installation interface within Linux
environment. In addition, Xteam also forms strategic partnership
with Diyixian.com Limited (the Greater China IP Carrier), Web Force
Unlimited and LinuxTimes Company Limited (the leading Linux
solution providers and product developers) to create synergy in the

“‘Based on XteamLinux’s application development and its
professional experience on providing system solutions, we wisely
create XteamLinux 3.0 based on XteamLinux 2.0 Simplified Version by
adding innovative technology with complete international and
multilingual support. We are confident that XteamLinux 3.0 is
capable of taking a dominant position in the international Chinese
operating system market,’ said Mr. Renyi, President
and Chief
Executive Officer of Xteam.”

“Being the newly introduced international Linux version,
XteamLinux 3.0 can support international standards. Apart from
retaining the peculiarities of Version 2.0, XteamLinux 3.0 offers
an array of remarkable improvements…”

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