LinuxPR: MacMillan Captures 52% of Linux Retail Sales for August ’99

Complete Linux 6.0 Only Linux Title in Business Software
Top 20.

“Macmillan USA continued to dominate the Linux retail software
sales in August for the second consecutive month. According to
figures from PC Data, (www.pcdata.com), Macmillan accounted for 52%
of total Linux software units sold at retail, up from 51% in July.
In addition, Macmillan’s best selling package, Complete Linux 6.0,
was the only Linux product to rank in PC Data’s top 20 list of best
selling business software (at #14).”

“While other individual Linux distributors experienced a slight
drop in sales for August, Macmillan saw a 21% jump in total volume.
“These results confirm that Linux is not just a niche product, but
has become a viable alternative in the mainstream operating system
marketplace,” said Lyn Blake, Macmillan’s vice president of sales.
“As a publishing company, Macmillan’s strength lies in our retail
distribution channels-opening the markets and providing the
information that consumers want in the formats they demand.”