LinuxPR: MontaVista Software Embarks Upon Real-Time Characterization of Linux

“Provides Test Results, Tools, for Developers Using 100%
Linux in Embedded Real-Time Applications.”

“MontaVista Software Inc., developer of the Hard HatTM
Linux® operating system for embedded computers, today unveiled
the company’s Linux Real-Time Characterization Project. The project
provides embedded developers and the open source community with
measurement data and tools for describing the real-time
responsiveness of off-the-shelf Linux systems. The project
demonstrates the broad applicability of the standard Linux
operating system kernel, and assists embedded systems designers in
establishing the performance parameters of Linux system software
running on actual application hardware.”

“MontaVista anticipates several phases to its efforts, the first
being comprehensive measurement and characterization, carried out
on multiple hardware platforms by MontaVista engineering staff.
Subsequent phases will include enhancements to the standard Linux
kernel for improved determinism and thread scheduling capability,
with guaranteed sub-millisecond response times, and the development
of a plug-in alternate scheduler. The result of all measurement and
development work is being made available to the open source
community, and all enhancements and new components developed by
MontaVista will be contributed to the Linux community for possible
inclusion in future Linux kernel revisions.”