LinuxPR: MSC.Nastran available for Linux

To cater to a growing Linux-using customer base, the
world’s most widely used finite element analysis (FEA) program,
MSC.Nastran, has converted to the Linux operating system.

“MSC.Nastran is the world’s leading finite element analysis
(FEA) software. This powerful tool for virtual manufacturing is
used in almost every industry — from aerospace to biomechanical
devices — to model and analyze designs on computer before building
expensive physical prototypes.”

“The software has a wide range of applications: from analyzing
the effects of impact on an aluminum car door, to replicating panel
flutter effects on a space vehicle; from simulating the
implantation of a miniature cardiac defribulator into a human
heart, to analyzing the heat created by a V16 train engine. Virtual
manufacturing with MSC. Nastran gives accurate FEA results that
will not only save manufacturers money in the design process, but
impact the enviroment positively — fewer “real world” mistakes,
less waste.”


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