LinuxPR: Netizen announces Zope based task managment system.

An Australian Open Source company is seeking developers and
sponsors for its Zope based task tracking and project managment
system called Xen.
rsion of their task tracking system, and is
seeking developers and sponsorship.”

“Netizen, a Melbourne based IT consultancy, which specialises in
Open Source software, are announcing the ‘alpha’ release of their
task tracking system, called Xen (pronounced ‘Zen’).”

“Xen aims to improve on other similar proprietary project
managment systems as well as providing task tracking and project
managment functionality via a primarily web-based interface. Xen is
Open Source software and is based on Zope (the Z Object Publishing
Environment, http://zope.org) and will run on Linux, other Unix and
Windows systems. As with other task tracking systems Xen enables
staff of all levels to manage tasks, projects and activities,
maintain activity logs, estimate expenses, keep record of clients
and contacts made to clients and track all aspects of a project
from beginning to end through task trees.”