LinuxPR: Scientific Computing Associates Announces The Linda Club

A New Partnership Initiative for Beowulf

“Scientific Computing Associates, Inc., a leader in
cost-effective and efficient high-performance computing software,
has made Beowulf Clusters easier to use with the founding of the
Linda Club(TM), a new partnership initiative for Beowulf resellers.
This partnership will allow resellers to offer free to their
customers a four-node Linux version of Linda, SCIENTIFIC’s powerful
software programming language for parallel and distributed

“Linda, a proven industry standard for parallel programming and
well known for reliability and efficiency, will now be available to
end users at no additional charge when bundled with a Beowulf
Cluster purchase from an authorized Linda Club reseller. By
exploiting Linda’s exceptional flexibility and ease of use, end
users will dramatically reduce the time it takes to make productive
use of Beowulf clusters. This makes a Linda Club bundle the
low-cost solution for any user wishing to develop a Beowulf