LinuxPR: SNiFF+J 3.1 available

“TakeFive Software announces powerful Java multi-platform
development tool.”

“TakeFive Software, a leading provider of Source Code
Engineering (SCE) solutions, today announced the general
availability of SNiFF+J version 3.1, a powerful Java technology
source code comprehension, navigation, analysis, and management
tool for multi-platform development. SNiFF+J extends the
capabilities of developers working within multi-language,
enterprise-wide client/server applications.”

“SNiFF+J allows Java developers to more easily understand,
analyze, modify and manage code in large-scale, Java environments,
while decreasing time-to-market. SNiFF+J enables rapid development
in C++ and Java applications of up to millions of lines of code. In
addition, SNiFF+J facilitates easy integration with other
development tools, like SCM tools, CASE tools, editors or debuggers
and slashes development time by up to 50%.”