LinuxPR: Tech Soft America Announces Support For Linux…in HOOPS ® 3D Graphics System

First Commercial-Grade, Industry Proven Graphics
Development Tool now available to Linux Development

“Tech Soft America (TSA), developer of the popular HOOPS® 3D
Graphics System today announced support for the Linux Operating
System LIBC6 in their 4.5 release. This announcement further
expands HOOPS’® already extensive platform coverage and will
enable high-end 3D applications to be built for Linux using
HOOPS® – a robust graphics development component with a proven
track record in the Scientific Visualization, CAD/CAM/CAE, GIS, and
Geophysical application markets…”

“HOOPS® is graphics subsystem component that delivers
advanced graphics performance and functionality in applications
from companies such as Parametric Technology Corp (PTC), SDRC,
Mechanical Dynamics, MicroCADAM, Tecnomatix, Fluent, ITI,
ANSYS/Centric, Pam Systems, Minitab, and over 150 other
organizations worldwide. In addition to Linux, HOOPS® supports
Windows 95/98/NT, Dec Alpha, HPUX, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX, SUN SOLARIS,
as well as numerous other platforms through obfuscated source