LinuxPR: The First Version (0.2b) of BestCrypt Software for Linux is Released

“Jetico, Inc., the leading provider of data security solutions
for desktop systems announced that first version (0.2b) of
BestCrypt encryption software for Linux is released.”

BestCrypt data encryption software for Linux utilises
“on-the-fly” technology to encrypt/decrypt your data.
you allocate a portion (container) of your hard disk to keep the
data inside. Then, you mount this container as a new virtual drive.
Once this is done, you can open, edit, and save files to or from
the new drive. Any such files are automatically encrypted. You can
encrypt all data contained on removable disks or network drives, as
well. After you have done your work, you just dismount the virtual

“This is the important event of year 1999 in Jetico, Inc.,” says
Oleg Esin, Managing Director. “Linux is constantly proving itself
as a relaible, fast and efficient operating system on the market.
Recent success of distribution of Linux shows that this operating
system is appreciated by a growing number of users. Of course,
Jetico, Inc, as well as other utilities software developers, is
developing own version of its main product – BestCrypt data
encryption software, now for Linux.”