LinuxPR: TheKompany.com Releases Black Adder, A Windows/Linux Development Environment for Python

“Rancho Santa Margarita, CA — 10 January 2001 —
theKompany.com, producers and distributors of high-quality open
source and commercial Linux software, announces the release of its
Windows/Linux GUI development environment for Python, BlackAdder.
BlackAdder combines a visual design environment with debugging,
syntax highlighting, ODBC interfaces and extensive HTML
documentation into a comprehensive platform for developing Python
applications, announces president and CEO Shawn Gordon.”

“The Python scripting language is an important enabling platform
for us in all of our products,” says Gordon. “During the course of
creating widget and scripting front ends for Python we realized
what a great opportunity we had for taking advantage of the
multi-platform nature of Python to build a comprehensive tool for
creating Python based applications,” Gordon said. “We talked to
Trolltech, the creators of the Qt windowing toolkit on which
BlackAdder is based on and eGenix, creators of the multi-platform
ODBC interfaces for Python known as mxODBC, and were able to derive
a license arrangement to bring the most power and flexibility to

“What is especially exciting for our customers is that
BlackAdder not only runs on Linux and Windows, it generates
applications that will run on either system as well.
protects your investment in development by enabling you to develop
and deploy your applications almost anywhere. Unlike similar
products, BlackAdder includes all the elements needed for
developing complete applications and the rights to re-distribute
the necessary run-time elements,” says Gordon.”


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