LinuxPR: Vim version 5.5 has been released

“This is a bug-fix release of Vim. Since version 5.4 bugs have
been fixed, and some items cleaned up.”

“Vim 5.5 has been tested by quite a few people over the past
weeks, and there are no big changes since version 5.4. This should
be the most stable Vim version ever. But it’s free software, the
usual disclaimers apply.”

“Vim is an almost 100% compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi.
Many new features have been added: Multi level undo, syntax
highlighting, command line history, filename completion, block
operations, etc…” Vim is especially recommended for editing

“Vim runs on almost any Unix flavor, MS-DOS, MS-Windows 3.1,
MS-Windows 95/98/NT, OS/2, Atari MiNT, BeOS, VMS, RISC OS,
Macintosh and Amiga.”