LinuxPR: Vividata Announces New ‘Personal’ and ‘Not-for-Profit’ Price Discounts

Vividata, Inc., a Berkeley-based Linux and Unix imaging
software company, has announced new reduced prices for ‘Personal’
and ‘Not-for-profit’ users of its OCR Shop, ScanShop and
PostShop® software.

“We’re excited about offering our customers new prices,” says
Vividata’s CEO Mark Liebman. “This will make it possible for many
new users including students to benefit from the many advantages
our software can bring them.”

“OCR Shop, the only Linux and Unix optical character recognition
solution using Caere’s omnipage engine, starts at $99 for personal
users, and $745 for not-for profits. OCR Shop® quickly converts
printed pages into readable text for editing in your favorite Linux
or Unix word processor. It has an intuitive point-and-click
interface that simplifies use, with automatic detection of scanner