LinuxPR: World’s biggest archive disc ships Linux DVD Archives

“Yggdrasil Computing, Inc., the company that created the Linux
CDROM industry, has shipped the world’s first Linux DVD9-ROM, a
successor format to CD-ROM’s, with over twelve times the capacity.
Linux DVD Archives (MSRP $24.95) contains over eight billion
bytes of open source software (over 23 billion bytes uncompressed),
giving Linux users a new level of convenience and access to open
source software.

“The value of every product we have ever shipped is
convenience”, said Adam Richter, President of Yggdrasil Computing.
“The growth of free software has increased the size of our Archives
product to eight CD’s. If you have to switch among that many discs,
it’s not very convenient. So, we decided to really push the
technology to address this problem.”

“DVD-9 is the state of the art in disc manufacturing, requiring
equipment that can bond together two different metal layers: the
conventional aluminum used on CD’s and single-layer DVD’s, with a
second layer made of gold, giving the discs their distinctive look:
silvery on top and gold underneath. Although the manufacturing
process may be more exotic that with smaller DVD’s, Linux DVD
Archives should be compatible with all DVD-ROM drives.”