LinuxPR: Zero G Software ships InstallAnywhere…

InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition Gives Linux Developers a
Graphical Tool for Deploying Java-based Software Across Multiple

“Zero G Software, the leading developer of multi-platform
software deployment solutions, today announced the availability of
InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition. The latest addition to Zero G
Software’s award-winning family of Java(tm)-based deployment
products, InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition gives commercial and
enterprise software developers the power to create highly
customized solutions for the complex task of installing and
configuring software across multiple platforms.”

“At the heart of InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition is a
powerful Open Application Programming Interface (API). This new
Open API increases developers’ ability to customize installations
and makes Enterprise Edition an ideal solution for deploying
software in all of the dominant enterprise application models: rich
client-server, thin client-server, and standalone applications. The
product’s multi-platform capabilities also provide developers the
ability to detect pre-installed software (such as Web or
application servers and/or databases), making it a perfect choice
for configuring heterogeneous clusters of servers running Windows
NT, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX and virtually any other
Java-compliant server and client operating system.”