LinuxUK: Interview with KDE Developer Mosfet

[ Thanks to kgf for this
link. ]

“Mosfet (aka Daniel M. Duley) is a developer for the KDE
project and also works at Mandrakesoft.”

“I first started using KDE a couple years ago, back when the
project was new and I was doing Sys Admin for Rotary International.
I used Linux for workstations back then and was always looking for
new stuff to play with.”

“I did the KDE part of widget theme support along with several
widget plugin engines, KWin window manager style support (you can
dynamically load and unload dedicated style engines – a very cool
thing and there is already several styles I wrote), a lot of code
for the new panel – Kicker, some graphicaleffects for our new KDE
effects engine, Pixie – a new image viewer for kdegraphics, some
small tools like pixmap to multiple bitmap converters (for style
development), and some widgets. A few more apps are sitting on my
hard drive and will be announced in a week or so.”

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