LinuxWorld: Apache receives 1999 ACM Software System Award

“This year, the 1999 ACM Software System Award went to the
Apache Software Foundation. The ACM awards committee praised the
Apache Web server’s reliability, flexibility, easy availability,
and scalability, and noted that the insight gained from early
implementation of new Hypertext Transfer Protocol features helped
Apache developers play a major role in the Internet Engineering
Task Force’s HTTP 1.1 working group…”

“LinuxWorld asked Roy T. Fielding, doctoral candidate in
information and computer science at UC Irvine, chief scientist at
eBuilt — and chairman of the Apache Software Foundation — about
the honor bestowed upon the Apache project by the ACM,
about how it feels to have a project he cofounded ranked together
with previous winners of the Software System Award — winners like
the Unix operating system, TeX, TCP/IP, and the Web and NCSA

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